Competency Based Assessments & Psychometric Tests

What types of Assessments do we offer?change1.png

We specialise in assessing individuals and groups for:

  • Selection and placement
  • Training needs analysis and skills audits
  • Technical assessments
  • Leadership development
  • Executive coaching
  • Career guidance and development
  • Individual and organisational wellness
  • Team dynamics and processes

Our resources
Marang has a fully equipped test facility at our head office in Pretoria. Currently, we have more than 10 registered consulting psychologists on our team.

Which assessment methods do we use?

• 360 Degree leadership assessments
• Assessment centre technology (e.g. business simulations, in-baskets)
• Competency assessments
• Personality questionnaires
• Cognitive process assessments
• Cognitive and ability tests
• Potential tests
• Leadership and leadership potential questionnaires
• Emotional intelligence questionnaires
• Integrity tests
• Interpersonal style questionnaires
• Team dynamic assessments
• Change style questionnaires
• Interviews (eg. Competency-based interview)

Our Assessment team

Our assessment team comprises a formidable group of registered senior psychologists,  all of whom are experienced counselling psychologists, and higly experienced psychometrists.  The assessment teams' experience in counselling ensures that individuals being assessed are proivded with emphatic, sensitive yet developmental feedback regarding their assessment results. Our assessment experience ranges from the development of competency frameworks and assessments for talent, to leadership assessments from middle to executive levels, as well as assessments conducted across organisations for re-structuring purposes.


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