HR Strategy

The core of every company rests on a solid overarching strategy developed from the company’s overall strategy and a closely aligned HR strategy. This alignment ensures that the most critical resource to the company, “its people,” are linked with the company’s mission, vision, and goals.

An HR Strategy can include: outsourcing.png

  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resources Forecasting & Planning
  • Organizational Performance & Development
  • Succession Planning

Marang Human Capital Solutions can assist with your HR Strategy by:

  • Facilitating and developing the business and/or human resources strategic plan
  • Evaluating and aligning your human resources activities with your business strategies
  • Establishing your human resources function
  • Providing an outsource HR solution for all or pieces of the human resources function
  • Conducting a human resources audit to determine compliance and identify areas for improvement
  • Providing interim human resources support
  • Developing succession planning and emerging leader programs
  • Designing a competency based culture tied to business strategies and goals
  • Creating and/or improving your performance management system



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