HR For Non-HR Managers


The aim of this programme is to look at the business manager’s role in tasks that may have been traditionally considered HR’s role. The workshop will focus on how business managers and HR can work together to improve these areas of the organisation. 

This workshop provides practical knowledge and tools to enable managers to tackle basic HR issues themselves. It highlights the essentials of the Human Resource Management (HRM) process for those who manage people.


     Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the HRM function and its contribution to support the organisational vision, mission and goals
  • Understand the implications of employment legislature on the organisation
  • Understand the importance of HR Policies & Procedures to manage and motivate employees
  • Acquire useful HRM awareness and knowledge to handle and manage HR roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the role of line manager in implementing HR processes

Target Audience

  • Non-Human Resource Executives, Managers/Supervisors who play multiple roles including HR but do not have formal HR orientation
  • Administrators/Officers who need to have a better understanding of HR practices and procedures to handle the HR activities in the organisation
  • It is also beneficial to those who are new and keen to explore into the HR field
  • Business owners 

Course Duration   2 Days


Course Outline

  • What is HR Management?
  • Overview of Key HR Practices
  • Importance of HRM
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Resource Planning, recruitment & Selection and Effective Hiring Approaches
  • Employment Equity & Diversity
  • Managing Performance - conducting appraisals and the feedback process
  • Training & Development – conducting needs analysis and creating a learning environment
  • The role of managers in the talent management process
  • Employee engagement and motivation - the need for new mindset and skills to embrace change
  • Managing Absenteeism
  • Discipline & Termination

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